Monday, March 31, 2014

Maus pre-reading honors assignment

At the bottom of your webquest document, answer the following questions based on the sites provided.

United States Holocaust Museum Website:

1.    Describe the Holocaust. Who was targeted? What was the fate of many survivors?

2.    What were the first signs of Antisemitism in Germany? How did it continue? What acts were most shocking to you?
3.    There were many other victims of the Holocaust in addition to Jews. Who else was persecuted?

4.    After listening to and reviewing the “Silent Witness” story, describe the fate of Lola’s family. How did Lola survive? Who helped her?

5.    Select a survivor story from the website. Read the survivor’s story and view his/her pictures.  What shocks you about the survivor’s story?  What allowed them to survive (was it his/her doing or the help of others?) Why was he/she persecuted?

Remembering the Holocaust Website

6.    Review the pictures and text of the virtual tour of Auschwitz. What did you learn about the camp from the website?  What would be the most challenging part of living in a concentration camp?

7.    Read the information on Abe’s story (including the Interactive Map). This is a second generation story, much like Maus. Describe Abe’s journey through the Holocaust.  Why is it significant that this is told through his son’s perspective?

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